November 28, 2015

Setup sputnik server for teradek bond

The Teradek Bond is cellular bonding solutions allows you to transmit 1080p HD video over aggregated bandwidth from several network interfaces, including 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, BGAN, and Ethernet*

Sputnik Server using to combine the data packets from Bond’s modems into a cohesive video stream, your live broadcast must first be transmitted to a Sputnik server hosted on Amazon’s EC2 cloud or on your own Linux computer with a publicly addressable TCP port. Sputnik is Teradek’s free software application between Bond and your streaming destination, whether its a content delivery network or an IPTV decoder. (see below diagram)

If you are not favour on Linux, You can buy Base server. Base is an integrated link aggregation and H.264 decoding solution for video broadcasts transmitted over the Teradek Link or Bond. Inside Base is Cent-OS Linux + Sputnik + Cube 305 Decoder (1 SDI output). 

But if you  no need any SDI output.  May you interested Preconfigured Sputnik Server. It is cheap dell computer OptiPlex 390 or Dell R210 (1u rack server) with only Sputnik server installed. Don't worry to feed video, you can use RTP/RTSP to feed video out.

below is sample of Sputnik web base interface.

Well, That's enough for Teradek Bond info It not my point here. I just wanna note that  how to setup sputnik server. I use docker which very very easy. I fork the docker image from texastribune/sputnik (sputnik 2.2.1) to patrickz/sputnik, but I use latest version (Sputnik 2.4.3, released on 2015-11-11)

After install docker then use command

docker run -p 5111:5111 -p 1957:1957 -p 554:554 --detach --name sputnik patrickz/sputnik

then docker ps -a. You should see as below image

go to URL with default access - user: admin, password: admin (Don't forget to change password).

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