September 16, 2014

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.0 released!

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.0 Highlight fixed/feature:

  • Enhanced SecureToken Playback Protection SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
  • Wowza Integration for JVC ProHD Camcorders
  • Delivery to Akamai CDN
  • HEVC/H.265 Transcoding (Preview)




Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1.0

  • Added long property scalerMainConceptScaleMode available in Encoder/Properties to control the scale mode used in transcoder (0 = nearest neighbor, 1 = best (default), 2 = bilinear, 3 = polyphase8)
  • Added support in transcoder for double rate deinterlacing of H.264, MP2, and MP4 streams (enabled by adding long parameter with the name deinterlaceDoubleRate with a value of 1 to the Decode/Video/Parameters section of transcoder template, off by default)
  • Made SHOUTcast AAC group count property shoutcastAACGroupCount available in Streaming Engine Manager
  • Changed SHOUTcast default MP3 and AAC group count (shoutcastMP3GroupCount and shoutcastAACGroupCount) to 1 (previous value was 4)
  • Improved parsing of SCC caption files, allowing multiple whitespace characters between fields
  • Fixed problem with HEVC/H.265 VPS decoding leading to warning message about multiple VPS NAL units
  • Enhanced debug context for DVR MBR alignment logging to include aligner ID
  • Fixed problem with transcoder multi-threaded scaling throwing an error if only a single encoder output
  • Improved transcoder system to properly shutdown transcoder (and release license) when stream source is push publisher
  • Added Streams/Properties boolean property transcoderShutdownOnClose to control when transcoder is shutdown (true: transcoder is shutdown when stream is closed, false: transcoder is shutdown when stream is destroyed, default to false except when source stream is push publisher)
  • Modified the Linux services code for stop and start rather then returning a status code as they have in the past. They will now return 0 for both stop and start. The status call will return a 0 for running and 3 for not running.
  • Added some exception handling in the PushPublishing module where HTTP streams are being pushed to an endpoint
  • Exposed the default value for securityPublishValidEncoders as "Flash Version String" in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager so users can replace or append to the list of allowed values
  • Fixed a Push Publishing cupertino-akamai bug that prevented Wowza Streaming Engine from sending the HLS playlist file to Akamai
  • Changed the default setting for importing AC3 streams via MPEG-TS to true
  • Fixed case where DVR ABR would not align correctly after packet time reset mid recording. This could sometimes result in out-of-order DVR segments or longer than expected playlists
  • Fixed an issue with reading the MPEG-TS PMT Stream Descriptors and the detection of AC3 streams
  • Changed parsing of flash version string to allow either pipe or comma delimiters
  • Fixed Push Publishing HLS bug where an occasional race condition would cause an exception in the HLS chunk processing, which would cause a chunk to never get pushed to the destination
  • Fixed logic around selecting the correct VHost port for the test players in Streaming Engine Manager
  • Fixed issue where HLS AES encryption using SMIL files would not return correct internal encryption key
  • Added MPEG-TS property mpegtsRemoveRepeatStartCodes that can be set to remove start codes that are repeated in the stream
  • Turned importing AC3 back to "false" as the default because we don't support AC3 in the transcoder. We are concerned that this can adversely affect customers that have MPEG-TS streams with AC3 streams before their other audio streams in the PMT and we'll pickup the AC3 as the default
  • Fixed Push Publishing memory leak that would occur on every stream disconnect
  • Fixed Push Publishing RTMP connection logic so that all reconnection attempts always occur with a gradually increasing delay (up to 60 seconds) between each attempt, the same way it has historically worked for the initial RTMP TCP connection
  • Added support for enabling the HbbTV-specific live MPEG-DASH manifest profile definition using the mpegdashEnableHbbtvLiveProfile property
  • Added HEVC/H.265 encoder and decoder support to transcoder (preview)
  • Added support for HEVC/H.265 stream ingestion and playback over MPEG-TS (preview)
  • Added support for HEVC/H.265 stream ingestion and playback over RTP (preview)
  • Added support for recording HEVC/H.265 to MP4 files (preview)
  • Fixed CurrentIncomingStreamStatistics for liveRepeaters so that LiveRepeater incoming streams on the edge correctly report Bytes In instead of always showing 0
  • Updated Push Publishing rtmp-akamai profile so that when a map entry provides a streamName with more than 2 "_" characters, we remove the first "_" character. So "my_stream_1_2728@123456" becomes "mystream_1_2728@123456".
  • Fixed the error message presented to the user when they enter an invalid value in the Server > Performance Tuning > Virtual Hosts Ports > Processor Count fields in the manager.
  • Fixed a bug in ModuleDRMVerimatrix for Playready DRM that prevented server from sending a request for a PlayReady key.
  • Fixed logging in ModuleDRMVerimatrix that logged a DASH URL when playing back with Smooth Streaming
  • Fixed the return content type for some JSON calls that caused Google Chrome on iOS devices to crash or otherwise not load the manager correctly
  • Fixed manager test player logic to use a non-VHost SSL port if one exists
  • Removed debug print statement in live receiver for RTMP events
  • Reverted fix for live repeater statistics because it caused an exception on the manager side of the REST interface
  • Fixed closed caption bug where captions were not returned when using a SMIL file and specifying either system language and/or title in the audio or video renditions
  • Fixed issue where closed caption file specified in SMIL file was relative to content folder instead of relative to SMIL file location
  • Removed verbose DVR Recorder timeout logging message
  • Enhanced CEA-608 parser to capture the raw commands as well as the text of converted caption
  • Fixed problem where .scc caption files were not displaying on HLS when streaming CEA-608
  • Changed RTSP authentication to use either application-level properties "securityPublishPasswordFile" or "rtspEncoderAuthenticateFile" to find password file
  • Changed RTMP to allow either application-level properties "securityPublishPasswordFile" or "rtmpEncoderAuthenticateFile" to find password file
  • Fixed issue with getDataMissing in LiveReceiver where it could return a NullPointerException
  • Fixed transcoder so it only suspends keyframe skipping on keyframes if encode is keyFrameFollow
  • Fixed stuttered playback when playing HDS VOD with captions inserted
  • Fixed a bug during application copy process in the manager where application wasn't given the new name in conf/[newAppName]/Application.xml under the Name tag
  • Fixed a bug in the manager where the Copy button wasn't copying an application due to dysfunctional buttons. This was happening on SMIL Files, Stream Files, and Transcoder Addon pages
  • Fixed a corner-case bug in the manager where a form was being submitted even if errors existed on several Incoming Publishers pages


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