July 28, 2014

Wowza release 4.0.5

Wowza 4.0.5 - SHOUTcast and NVIDIA fixed

Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.5

  • Updated the localstatus function in the Linux services to return a code of 3 if the service is not running as per the Linux Standard Base Specification 3.1
  • Updated code that queries the OperatingSystem MBean to do it in a way that is friendly to non-Oracle JVMs (fixes a problem with Wowza Streaming Engine not starting with IBM JVM)
  • Added logging statements to Transcoder to log first codec config frame and first video frame processed by the video decoder
  • Fixed Push Publishing to send NetStream.Data.Start using the correct stream identifier
  • Added application property "securityPublishSendCloseOnReject" (Boolean, default: false) to ModuleSecurity to close connections upon reject
  • Fixed ServerListenerStreamDemoPublisher shutdown so it does not throw a concurrency error
  • Fixed a problem with Transcoder utility for extracting SEI NAL units that we were not properly checking for buffer length
  • Fixed Transcoder H.264 decoder to properly guard against buffer overrun if NAL unit lengths are not correct in an H.264 frame
  • Fixed Apple HLS (cupertino) VOD packetizer for audio-only renditions so that they are in sync with audio/video renditions (added TS offset to audio-only ID3 tag)
  • Fixed nDVR Smooth Streaming chunk request where rounding to nearest available time in an MBR request would not result in a valid chunk. Fixes "Playlist alignment null store" log warning
  • Fixed the ability to change your VHost name from "_defaultVHost_" to any name from within the VHost.xml file
  • Removed the bad link during email generation process on Teradek Incoming Publishers page (within Wowza Streaming Engine Manager)
  • Improved Apple HLS (cupertino) transport stream packetizer for VOD and live to properly indicate continuity counter breaks
  • Fixed problem with ID3 tags in Apple HLS (cupertino) streams having timecodes 10 seconds off from audio and video content
  • Added HTTPStreamers/Properties boolean property cupertinoAlwaysSendZeroPacketLen to instruct Apple HLS (cupertino) VOD packetizer to send zero length PES lengths for all video frames
  • Added debugging code to H264Utils to log warning statement if NAL unit lengths do not match frame length (add Streams/Properties boolean property debugVideoH264NALUnits)
  • Updated Transcoder to MainConcept SDK version 9.9
  • Fixed Transcoder H.264 decoding issue with detecting changes in frame size (looking at incorrect decoder state)
  • Fixed the failure to set the httpRandomizeMediaName property when creating an HTTP Origin application.
  • Changed Apple HLS (cupertino) video on demand to not add a 10 second offset to the transport stream chunks by default (the mediastreamvalidator from Apple no longer throws the warning about the first chunks starting with timecode 0)
  • Improved Apple HLS (cupertino) video on demand bitrate calculation to account for transport stream packetization and other overhead
  • Fixed incorrect setting of X-TIMESTAMP-MAP=MPEGTS for live WebVTT captions, causing caption latency
  • Fixed VOD WebVTT captions to correctly account for property "cupertinoAddTSOffset"
  • Enhanced WMSLogger to support requesting a specific stack depth when logging exceptions
  • Improved Transcoder on Windows to properly recognize new R340 NVidia driver, which removes support for CUDA encoder
  • Fixed advanced stream monitor to work properly with SHOUTcast streams (when a reset occurred the monitor was not being torn down and re-created)
  • Improved RTP MediaCaster to properly reset live stream packetizers for child transcoder streams
  • Added API to ILiveStreamTranscoder to get the list of publisher associated with the transcoder
  • List ILiveStreamTranscoder.getPublishers();
  • Improved XML parsing utilities to trim read values
  • Added ability in Transcoder to enable multi-threaded scaling (to control, add boolean property multiThreadScaler to LiveStreamTranscoder/Properties container in Application.xml, default is false)

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