February 19, 2014

Tried Youtube Live!

Basic ingestion
  • 3000 Kbps - 6000 Kbps for 1080p
  • 1500 Kbps - 4000 Kbps for 7420p
  • 500 Kbps - 2000 Kbps for 480p
  • 400 Kbps - 1000 Kbps for 360p
  • 300 Kbps - 700 Kbps for 240p


  • Real-time transcoding (send only best bitrate)
  • DVR (pause, rewind, and resume an event)
  • Dynamic bandwidth adjustment
  • InVideo Programming - add water mark, logo, Featured Video (display uploaded video, VoD in live video)
  •  Unlimited concurrent user, possible up to 700,000 Concurrent Viewers on Akamai
  •  Free wirecast for youtube application 

  • Recorded events up to ??? 4 hours long  (I tested with 6 hrs and it working fine). Noted: Youtube online video editing can't edit video that more than 2 hrs.
  • DVR - Allow viewers to pause and rewind your event. There is a 12 hour DVR limit.
  • Don't broadcast copyrighted content - If you continue to stream that content, your event will be stopped automatically and live will be disabled on your channel. 
  • YouTube Live streams cannot be viewed from Germany.
  • No any AD. -  It is against Terms of Use to include third-party advertisements in live streams. This includes burned-in commercials (for example, video content from a television feed).
  • background source/music and any TVC may break rules.
  • UpStream need sent video to Youtube servers. (Inter Bandwidth, i.e.,a.rtmp.youtube.com  NY)
  • DownStream depend on ISP cache


  1. USTREAM.tv
  2. livestream.com
  3. justin.tv
  4. Qik.com
  5. Kyte.tv


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