January 20, 2014

Wowza Media Server 3.6.4 Released!

just bug fixed since the release of 3.6.3

  • Fixed problem with developer and trial licenses not working properly
  • Added stream context information to RTP and MPEG-TS over RTP log statements for clarity
  • Fixed problem where DVR API setRecordingName() was not honored on subsequent use
  • Fixed improper tuning of live-record stream type in conf/Streams.xml
  • Fixed a bug in DASH example players that kept playback from starting when any of the chunk URLs provided in the MPD contained “PT”, “PYT”, or “PMT” because of some bad MPD parsing code in the player.
  • Improved MPEG2 frame interpretation to properly deal with frame pictures and field pictures
  • Fixed transcoder memory leak in NVENC encoder
  • Fixed deadlock issue with SHOUTcast re-streaming in Reconnector thread
  • Fixed the Verimatrix DRM module so that resource Ids may be specified as any kind of string such as "myResource_001" instead of just integer strings such as "4000". Fixed for both HLS and Smooth streaming.
  • Improved read/write locking in VHost to avoid deadlock if an exception occurs
  • Improved live repeater locking for HTTP re-streaming
  • Improved live repeater timeout to reset the timeout value to avoid looping
  • Improved live repeater locking for HTTP re-streaming (DVR)
  • Improved live repeater timeout to reset the timeout value to avoid looping (DVR)
  • Fixed bug where DVR would leak a DVR Recorder in some cases where MediaCaster reconnector performed a shutdown on the DVR Manager
  • Fixed problem where property "cupertinoEncryptionAPIBased" had to be in DVR properties to enable encryption. Mow may be in VR or Application level properties
  • Fixed IApplicationInstance.resetMediaCasterStream to properly deal with stream name
  • Added DVR property maxEventCount to control maximum allowed event queue size before it is suspended to avoid memory run up (default is 10000)
  • Improved logging of condition when LiveStreamPacketizer event queue is suspended due to overrun
  • Fixed problem where once the LiveStreamPacketizer queue was overrun it was not properly flushed
  • Fixed Cupertino AES-128 external method so that the session id appears correctly as a query param (wowzasessionid) on the key uri (EXT-X-KEY) in the chunklist. It still will not be appended when in HTTP Origin mode
  • Improved live-record recorder to properly flush packets based on realtime rather than stream time (avoids issues with incorrect timecodes)
  • Fixed setting playstart and playduration from a SMIL file or API when streaming using Apple HLS
  • Applied the same Cupertino AES-128 session id fix (added in 3.6.03 build 9324 for VOD-only) to both the Cupertino live and DVR streams.
  • Fixed problem with MediaCache nDVR stream aliasing where was using versioned streamName (myStream.0) instead of base stream name (myStream) for aliasing the originURL
  • Fixed a bug in QT reader where if you had an fmp4 file containing a single track, but the track ID in the tkhd was not equal to "1", we would not parse correctly and the track would not appear in any subsequent HTTP streamer manifest.
  • Improved fragmented MP4 file reader to calculate the track duration as each moof is read incase the duration is not set in the track header
  • Fixed bug in LiveStreamRecorderMP4 when recording audio or video only, a null exception is thrown after the first segment
  • Fixed problem with transcoder thumbnail generation that would cause some sources to get the incorrect colors
  • Updated Silverlight multicast authorizer to support single source multicast (UdpSingleSourceMulticastClient)
  • Fixed DVR ABR problem where ABR alignment record was being removed when some of the stores in the smil were still active
  • Fixed DVR ABR problem where alignment indexes could become negative in cupertino playlists
  • Improved dvr time formatting and added UTC times in dvr manifest reporter tool
  • Added MediaCaster/Properties string property rtspKeepAliveCommand to control the command used to keep RTSP connections alive (by default the value is OPTIONS)
  • Enhanced Stream Demo Publisher to allow specific application instances, specified by appInstName= in the property
  • Fixed DVR where edge would request wrong chunk when not using default application instance
 Source: http://goo.gl/70edbi

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