June 22, 2009


Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
A mobile service operator that does not have its own licensed spectrum
and does not have the infrastructure to provide mobile service to its
customers (i.e., it does not own the network on which its voice and
data traffic is carried). Instead, MVNOs lease wireless capacity from
pre-existing mobile service providers and establish their own brand
names different from the providers. MVNOs typically offer
subscription-based voice and data service, and the customers are not
doing business with underlying wireless provider but with the MVNO

Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE)

A MVNE does not have a relationship with end-user customers. Instead, a
MVNE provides infrastructure and services to enable MVNO’s to offer
services and have a relationship with end-user customers.

Virtual Mobile Network Operator (vMVNO)
A vMVNO is an MVNO that has approved indirect sales relationships with
the network providors. The vMVNO model works well for companies that
are not sure what carrier will in the end suite their needs best or
companies who want access to all carriers but can not go direct to all
carriers due to the increased load on human or capital resources. The
vMVNO model saves companies millions of dollars and allows them to
start selling literally within 2-3 weeks.

reference: http://www.telspace.com/glossary.asp

MVNO Network
  • Orange: GlobalCell, Virgin Mobile(France)
  • sprint: 9278 Mobile, GSR Mobile, Liberty Wireless, Mobile PCS, STI Mobile, U Mobile, Virgin Mobile (USA), EasyMobile, Airlink Mobile, Cbeyond, CREDO Mobile, Helio (Acquired by Virgin Mobile, Aug. 22, 2008), I-Wireless, Jitterbug Wireless, Kajeet , KDDI Mobile, Movida Celular, Platinum Tel, Powernet Global, STI Mobile, Telispire, TracFone, Trumpet Mobile , Virgin Mobile
  • AT&T (USA): Air Voice Wireless, Call Plus
  • O2: Tesco Mobile
  • Vodafone: Asda Mobile, BT Mobile
  • Nextel: Boost Mobile
  • Cingular: EZ Link Plus, TracFone
  • Verizon: Omni Prepaid Cellular, Page Plus, TracFone
  • Optus: Virgin Mobile(Australia)
  • T-Mobile: Virgin Mobile(UK)

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