June 22, 2009

Asterisk 1.4.22-3

Asterisk CLI

! Execute a shell command
abort halt Cancel a running halt
ael debug contexts Enable AEL contexts debug (does nothing)
ael debug macros Enable AEL macros debug (does nothing)
ael debug read Enable AEL read debug (does nothing)
ael debug tokens Enable AEL tokens debug (does nothing)
ael nodebug Disable AEL debug messages
ael reload Reload AEL configuration
agi debug Enable AGI debugging
agi debug off Disable AGI debugging
agi dumphtml Dumps a list of agi commands in html format
agi show List AGI commands or specific help
cb mysql status Show connection status of CBMySQL
cdr mysql status Show connection status of cdr_mysql
cdr status Display the CDR status
core clear profile Clear profiling info
core set debug channel Enable/disable debugging on a channel
core set debug Set level of debug chattiness
core set debug off Turns off debug chattiness
core set global Set global dialplan variable
core set verbose Set level of verboseness
core show applications Shows registered dialplan applications
core show application Describe a specific dialplan application
core show audio codecs Displays a list of audio codecs
core show channels Display information on channels
core show channel Display information on a specific channel
core show channeltypes List available channel types
core show channeltype Give more details on that channel type
core show codecs Displays a list of codecs
core show codec Shows a specific codec
core show config mappings Display config mappings (file names to config engines)
core show file formats Displays file formats
core show file version List versions of files used to build Asterisk
core show functions Shows registered dialplan functions
core show function Describe a specific dialplan function
core show globals Show global dialplan variables
core show hints Show dialplan hints
core show image codecs Displays a list of image codecs
core show image formats Displays image formats
core show license Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk
core show profile Display profiling info
core show switches Show alternative switches
core show threads Show running threads
core show translation Display translation matrix
core show uptime Show uptime information
core show version Display version info
core show video codecs Displays a list of video codecs
core show warranty Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asterisk
database del Removes database key/value
database deltree Removes database keytree/values
database get Gets database value
database put Adds/updates database value
database show Shows database contents
database showkey Shows database contents
dialplan add extension Add new extension into context
dialplan add ignorepat Add new ignore pattern
dialplan add include Include context in other context
dialplan reload Reload extensions and *only* extensions
dialplan remove extension Remove a specified extension
dialplan remove ignorepat Remove ignore pattern from context
dialplan remove include Remove a specified include from context
dialplan show Show dialplan
dnsmgr reload Reloads the DNS manager configuration
dnsmgr status Display the DNS manager status
feature show Lists configured features
file convert Convert audio file
funcdevstate list
group show channels Display active channels with group(s)
help Display help list, or specific help on a command
http show status Display HTTP server status
iax2 provision Provision an IAX device
iax2 prune realtime Prune a cached realtime lookup
iax2 reload Reload IAX configuration
iax2 set debug Enable IAX debugging
iax2 set debug jb Enable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
iax2 set debug jb off Disable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
iax2 set debug off Disable IAX debugging
iax2 set debug trunk Enable IAX trunk debugging
iax2 set debug trunk off Disable IAX trunk debugging
iax2 show cache Display IAX cached dialplan
iax2 show channels List active IAX channels
iax2 show firmware List available IAX firmwares
iax2 show netstats List active IAX channel netstats
iax2 show peers List defined IAX peers
iax2 show peer Show details on specific IAX peer
iax2 show provisioning Display iax provisioning
iax2 show registry Display IAX registration status
iax2 show stats Display IAX statistics
iax2 show threads Display IAX helper thread info
iax2 show users List defined IAX users
iax2 test losspct Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentage
indication add Add the given indication to the country
indication remove Remove the given indication from the country
indication show Display a list of all countries/indications
keys init Initialize RSA key passcodes
keys show Displays RSA key information
local show channels List status of local channels
logger mute Toggle logging output to a console
logger reload Reopens the log files
logger rotate Rotates and reopens the log files
logger show channels List configured log channels
manager show command Show a manager interface command
manager show commands List manager interface commands
manager show connected List connected manager interface users
manager show eventq List manager interface queued events
manager show users List configured manager users
manager show user Display information on a specific manager user
meetme Execute a command on a conference or conferee
mgcp audit endpoint Audit specified MGCP endpoint
mgcp reload Reload MGCP configuration
mgcp set debug Enable MGCP debugging
mgcp set debug off Disable MGCP debugging
mgcp show endpoints List defined MGCP endpoints
mixmonitor Execute a MixMonitor command.
module load Load a module by name
module reload Reload configuration
module show List modules and info
module show like List modules and info
module unload Unload a module by name
moh reload Music On Hold
moh show classes List MOH classes
moh show files List MOH file-based classes
no debug channel
originate Originate a call
pri debug span Enables PRI debugging on a span
pri intense debug span Enables REALLY INTENSE PRI debugging
pri no debug span Disables PRI debugging on a span
pri set debug file Sends PRI debug output to the specified file
pri show debug Displays current PRI debug settings
pri show spans Displays PRI Information
pri show span Displays PRI Information
pri show version Displays version of libpri
pri unset debug file Ends PRI debug output to file
queue add member Add a channel to a specified queue
queue remove member Removes a channel from a specified queue
queue show Show status of a specified queue
realtime load Used to print out RealTime variables.
realtime mysql status Shows connection information for the MySQL RealTime driver
realtime update Used to update RealTime variables.
restart gracefully Restart Asterisk gracefully
restart now Restart Asterisk immediately
restart when convenient Restart Asterisk at empty call volume
rtcp debug ip Enable RTCP debugging on IP
rtcp debug Enable RTCP debugging
rtcp debug off Disable RTCP debugging
rtcp stats Enable RTCP stats
rtcp stats off Disable RTCP stats
rtp debug ip Enable RTP debugging on IP
rtp debug Enable RTP debugging
rtp debug off Disable RTP debugging
say load set/show the say mode
show parkedcalls Lists parked calls
show queues
sip history Enable SIP history
sip history off Disable SIP history
sip notify Send a notify packet to a SIP peer
sip prune realtime Prune cached Realtime object(s)
sip prune realtime peer Prune cached Realtime peer(s)
sip prune realtime user Prune cached Realtime user(s)
sip reload Reload SIP configuration
sip set debug Enable SIP debugging
sip set debug ip Enable SIP debugging on IP
sip set debug off Disable SIP debugging
sip set debug peer Enable SIP debugging on Peername
sip show channels List active SIP channels
sip show channel Show detailed SIP channel info
sip show domains List our local SIP domains.
sip show history Show SIP dialog history
sip show inuse List all inuse/limits
sip show objects List all SIP object allocations
sip show peers List defined SIP peers
sip show peer Show details on specific SIP peer
sip show registry List SIP registration status
sip show settings Show SIP global settings
sip show subscriptions List active SIP subscriptions
sip show users List defined SIP users
sip show user Show details on specific SIP user
sla show stations Show SLA Stations
sla show trunks Show SLA Trunks
soft hangup Request a hangup on a given channel
stop gracefully Gracefully shut down Asterisk
stop now Shut down Asterisk immediately
stop when convenient Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
stun debug Enable STUN debugging
stun debug off Disable STUN debugging
udptl debug Enable UDPTL debugging
udptl debug ip Enable UDPTL debugging on IP
udptl debug off Disable UDPTL debugging
voicemail show users List defined voicemail boxes
voicemail show zones List zone message formats
zap destroy channel Destroy a channel
zap restart Fully restart zaptel channels
zap show cadences List cadences
zap show channels Show active zapata channels
zap show channel Show information on a channel
zap show status Show all Zaptel cards status


-= Registered Asterisk Applications =-
AddQueueMember: Dynamically adds queue members
AGI: Executes an AGI compliant application
AMD: Attempts to detect answering machines
Answer: Answer a channel if ringing
AppendCDRUserField: Append to the CDR user field
Authenticate: Authenticate a user
BackGround: Play an audio file while waiting for digits of an extension to go to.
BackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk detect
Busy: Indicate the Busy condition
CBMySQL: Conference Bridge application using MeetMe and MySQL
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel
ChanIsAvail: Check channel availability
ChannelRedirect: Redirects given channel to a dialplan target.
ChanSpy: Listen to a channel, and optionally whisper into it
Congestion: Indicate the Congestion condition
ContinueWhile: Restart a While loop
ControlPlayback: Play a file with fast forward and rewind
DateTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
DBdel: Delete a key from the database
DBdeltree: Delete a family or keytree from the database
DeadAGI: Executes AGI on a hungup channel
Dial: Place a call and connect to the current channel
Dictate: Virtual Dictation Machine
Directory: Provide directory of voicemail extensions
DISA: DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
DumpChan: Dump Info About The Calling Channel
EAGI: Executes an EAGI compliant application
Echo: Echo audio, video, or DTMF back to the calling party
EndWhile: End a while loop
Exec: Executes dialplan application
ExecIf: Executes dialplan application, conditionally
ExecIfTime: Conditional application execution based on the current time
ExitWhile: End a While loop
ExtenSpy: Listen to a channel, and optionally whisper into it
ExternalIVR: Interfaces with an external IVR application
Flash: Flashes a Zap Trunk
Flite: Say text to the user, using Flite
ForkCDR: Forks the Call Data Record
Gosub: Jump to label, saving return address
GosubIf: Conditionally jump to label, saving return address
Goto: Jump to a particular priority, extension, or context
GotoIf: Conditional goto
GotoIfTime: Conditional Goto based on the current time
Hangup: Hang up the calling channel
HasNewVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101 with the right options set
HasVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101 with the right options set
IAX2Provision: Provision a calling IAXy with a given template
ICES: Encode and stream using 'ices'
ImportVar: Import a variable from a channel into a new variable
Log: Send arbitrary text to a selected log level
LookupBlacklist: Look up Caller*ID name/number from blacklist database
LookupCIDName: Look up CallerID Name from local database
Macro: Macro Implementation
MacroExclusive: Exclusive Macro Implementation
MacroExit: Exit From Macro
MacroIf: Conditional Macro Implementation
MailboxExists: Check to see if Voicemail mailbox exists
MeetMe: MeetMe conference bridge
MeetMeAdmin: MeetMe conference Administration
MeetMeCount: MeetMe participant count
Milliwatt: Generate a Constant 1004Hz tone at 0dbm (mu-law)
MixMonitor: Record a call and mix the audio during the recording
Monitor: Monitor a channel
Morsecode: Plays morse code
MP3Player: Play an MP3 file or stream
MusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold indefinitely
MYSQL: Do several mySQLy things
NBScat: Play an NBS local stream
NoCDR: Tell Asterisk to not maintain a CDR for the current call
NoOp: Do Nothing
NVBackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk and fax detect (IAX and SIP too)
NVFaxDetect: Detects fax sounds on all channel types (IAX and SIP too)
Page: Pages phones
Park: Park yourself
ParkAndAnnounce: Park and Announce
ParkedCall: Answer a parked call
PauseMonitor: Pause monitoring of a channel
PauseQueueMember: Pauses a queue member
Pickup: Directed Call Pickup
Playback: Play a file
PlayTones: Play a tone list
PrivacyManager: Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent
Progress: Indicate progress
Queue: Queue a call for a call queue
QueueLog: Writes to the queue_log
Random: Conditionally branches, based upon a probability
Read: Read a variable
ReadFile: ReadFile(varname=file,length)
RealTime: Realtime Data Lookup
RealTimeUpdate: Realtime Data Rewrite
Record: Record to a file
RemoveQueueMember: Dynamically removes queue members
ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record
RetryDial: Place a call, retrying on failure allowing optional exit extension.
Return: Return from gosub routine
Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
RxFAX: Receive a FAX to a file
SayAlpha: Say Alpha
SayCountPL: Say the counting word the fits to a number
SayDigits: Say Digits
SayNumber: Say Number
SayPhonetic: Say Phonetic
SayUnixTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
SendDTMF: Sends arbitrary DTMF digits
SendImage: Send an image file
SendText: Send a Text Message
SendURL: Send a URL
Set: Set channel variable(s) or function value(s)
SetAMAFlags: Set the AMA Flags
SetCallerID: Set CallerID
SetCallerPres: Set CallerID Presentation
SetCDRUserField: Set the CDR user field
SetGlobalVar: Set a global variable to a given value
SetMusicOnHold: Set default Music On Hold class
SetTransferCapability: Set ISDN Transfer Capability
SIPAddHeader: Add a SIP header to the outbound call
SIPDtmfMode: Change the dtmfmode for a SIP call
SLAStation: Shared Line Appearance Station
SLATrunk: Shared Line Appearance Trunk
SMS: Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones
SoftHangup: Soft Hangup Application
SpeechActivateGrammar: Activate a Grammar
SpeechBackground: Play a sound file and wait for speech to be recognized
SpeechCreate: Create a Speech Structure
SpeechDeactivateGrammar: Deactivate a Grammar
SpeechDestroy: End speech recognition
SpeechLoadGrammar: Load a Grammar
SpeechProcessingSound: Change background processing sound
SpeechStart: Start recognizing voice in the audio stream
SpeechUnloadGrammar: Unload a Grammar
StackPop: Remove one address from gosub stack
StartMusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold
StopMixMonitor: Stop recording a call through MixMonitor
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
StopMusicOnHold: Stop Playing Music On Hold
StopPlayTones: Stop playing a tone list
System: Execute a system command
TestClient: Execute Interface Test Client
TestServer: Execute Interface Test Server
Transfer: Transfer caller to remote extension
TryExec: Executes dialplan application, always returning
TrySystem: Try executing a system command
TxFAX: Send a FAX file
UnpauseMonitor: Unpause monitoring of a channel
UnpauseQueueMember: Unpauses a queue member
UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event to the manager interface
Verbose: Send arbitrary text to verbose output
VMAuthenticate: Authenticate with Voicemail passwords
VoiceMail: Leave a Voicemail message
VoiceMailMain: Check Voicemail messages
Wait: Waits for some time
WaitExten: Waits for an extension to be entered
WaitForRing: Wait for Ring Application
WaitForSilence: Waits for a specified amount of silence
WaitMusicOnHold: Wait, playing Music On Hold
While: Start a while loop
Zapateller: Block telemarketers with SIT
ZapBarge: Barge in (monitor) Zap channel
ZapRAS: Executes Zaptel ISDN RAS application
ZapScan: Scan Zap channels to monitor calls
ZapSendKeypadFacility: Send digits out of band over a PRI
-= 162 Applications Registered =-


answer Answer channel
channel status Returns status of the connected channel
database del Removes database key/value
database deltree Removes database keytree/value
database get Gets database value
database put Adds/updates database value
exec Executes a given Application
get data Prompts for DTMF on a channel
get full variable Evaluates a channel expression
get option Stream file, prompt for DTMF, with timeout
get variable Gets a channel variable
hangup Hangup the current channel
noop Does nothing
receive char Receives one character from channels supporting it
receive text Receives text from channels supporting it
record file Records to a given file
say alpha Says a given character string
say digits Says a given digit string
say number Says a given number
say phonetic Says a given character string with phonetics
say date Says a given date
say time Says a given time
say datetime Says a given time as specfied by the format given
send image Sends images to channels supporting it
send text Sends text to channels supporting it
set autohangup Autohangup channel in some time
set callerid Sets callerid for the current channel
set context Sets channel context
set extension Changes channel extension
set music Enable/Disable Music on hold generator
set priority Set channel dialplan priority
set variable Sets a channel variable
stream file Sends audio file on channel
control stream file Sends audio file on channel and allows the listner to control the stream
tdd mode Toggles TDD mode (for the deaf)
verbose Logs a message to the asterisk verbose log
wait for digit Waits for a digit to be pressed


Installed Custom Functions:
ARRAY ARRAY(var1[|var2[...][|varN]]) Allows setting multiple variables at once
BASE64_DECODE BASE64_DECODE(<base64_string>) Decode a base64 string
BASE64_ENCODE BASE64_ENCODE(<string>) Encode a string in base64
BLACKLIST BLACKLIST() Check if the callerid is on the blacklist
CALLERID CALLERID(datatype[,<optional-CID>]) Gets or sets Caller*ID data on the channel.
CDR CDR(<name>[|options]) Gets or sets a CDR variable
CHANNEL CHANNEL(item) Gets/sets various pieces of information about the channel.
CHECK_MD5 CHECK_MD5(<digest>,<data>) Checks an MD5 digest
CHECKSIPDOMAIN CHECKSIPDOMAIN(<domain|IP>) Checks if domain is a local domain
CURL CURL(url[|post-data]) Retrieves the contents of a URL
CUT CUT(<varname>,<char-delim>,<range-s Slices and dices strings, based upon a named delimiter.
DB DB(<family>/<key>) Read from or write to the Asterisk database
DB_DELETE DB_DELETE(<family>/<key>) Return a value from the database and delete it
DB_EXISTS DB_EXISTS(<family>/<key>) Check to see if a key exists in the Asterisk database
DEVSTATE DEVSTATE(device) Get or Set a device state
ENUMLOOKUP ENUMLOOKUP(number[|Method-type[|opt ENUMLOOKUP allows for general or specific querying of NAPTR records or counts of NAPTR types for ENUM or ENUM-like DNS pointers
ENV ENV(<envname>) Gets or sets the environment variable specified
EVAL EVAL(<variable>) Evaluate stored variables.
EXISTS EXISTS(<data>) Existence Test: Returns 1 if exists, 0 otherwise
FIELDQTY FIELDQTY(<varname>|<delim>) Count the fields, with an arbitrary delimiter
FILTER FILTER(<allowed-chars>|<string>) Filter the string to include only the allowed characters
GLOBAL GLOBAL(<varname>) Gets or sets the global variable specified
GROUP GROUP([category]) Gets or sets the channel group.
GROUP_COUNT GROUP_COUNT([groupname][@category]) Counts the number of channels in the specified group
GROUP_LIST GROUP_LIST() Gets a list of the groups set on a channel.
GROUP_MATCH_COUNT GROUP_MATCH_COUNT(groupmatch[@categ Counts the number of channels in the groups matching the specified pattern
IAXPEER IAXPEER(<peername|CURRENTCHANNEL>[| Gets IAX peer information
IF IF(<expr>?[<true>][:<false>]) Conditional: Returns the data following '?' if true else the data following ':'
IFTIME IFTIME(<timespec>?[<true>][:<false> Temporal Conditional: Returns the data following '?' if true else the data following ':'
ISNULL ISNULL(<data>) NULL Test: Returns 1 if NULL or 0 otherwise
KEYPADHASH KEYPADHASH(<string>) Hash the letters in the string into the equivalent keypad numbers.
LANGUAGE LANGUAGE() Gets or sets the channel's language.
LEN LEN(<string>) Returns the length of the argument given
MATH MATH(<number1><op><number 2>[,<type Performs Mathematical Functions
MD5 MD5(<data>) Computes an MD5 digest
MUSICCLASS MUSICCLASS() Read or Set the MusicOnHold class
QUEUE_MEMBER_COUNT QUEUE_MEMBER_COUNT(<queuename>) Count number of members answering a queue
QUEUE_MEMBER_LIST QUEUE_MEMBER_LIST(<queuename>) Returns a list of interfaces on a queue
QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT(<queuename>) Count number of calls currently waiting in a queue
QUEUEAGENTCOUNT QUEUEAGENTCOUNT(<queuename>) Count number of agents answering a queue
QUOTE QUOTE(<string>) Quotes a given string, escaping embedded quotes as necessary
RAND RAND([min][|max]) Choose a random number in a range
REALTIME REALTIME(family|fieldmatch[|value[| RealTime Read/Write Functions
REGEX REGEX("<regular expression>" <data> Regular Expression
SET SET(<varname>=[<value>]) SET assigns a value to a channel variable
SHA1 SHA1(<data>) Computes a SHA1 digest
SIP_HEADER SIP_HEADER(<name>[,<number>]) Gets the specified SIP header
SIPCHANINFO SIPCHANINFO(item) Gets the specified SIP parameter from the current channel
SIPPEER SIPPEER(<peername>[|item]) Gets SIP peer information
SMDI_MSG SMDI_MSG(<message_id>,<component>) Retrieve details about an SMDI message.
SMDI_MSG_RETRIEVE SMDI_MSG_RETRIEVE(<smdi port>,<sear Retrieve an SMDI message.
SORT SORT(key1:val1[...][,keyN:valN]) Sorts a list of key/vals into a list of keys, based upon the vals
SPEECH SPEECH(argument) Gets information about speech recognition results.
SPEECH_ENGINE SPEECH_ENGINE(name)=value Change a speech engine specific attribute.
SPEECH_GRAMMAR SPEECH_GRAMMAR([nbest number/]resul Gets the matched grammar of a result if available.
SPEECH_RESULTS_TYPE SPEECH_RESULTS_TYPE()=results type Sets the type of results that will be returned.
SPEECH_SCORE SPEECH_SCORE([nbest number/]result Gets the confidence score of a result.
SPEECH_TEXT SPEECH_TEXT([nbest number/]result n Gets the recognized text of a result.
SPRINTF SPRINTF(<format>|<arg1>[|...<argN>] Format a variable according to a format string
STAT STAT(<flag>,<filename>) Does a check on the specified file
STRFTIME STRFTIME([<epoch>][|[timezone][|for Returns the current date/time in a specified format.
STRPTIME STRPTIME(<datetime>|<timezone>|<for Returns the epoch of the arbitrary date/time string structured as described in the format.
TIMEOUT TIMEOUT(timeouttype) Gets or sets timeouts on the channel.
TXTCIDNAME TXTCIDNAME(<number>) TXTCIDNAME looks up a caller name via DNS
URIDECODE URIDECODE(<data>) Decodes a URI-encoded string according to RFC 2396.
URIENCODE URIENCODE(<data>) Encodes a string to URI-safe encoding according to RFC 2396.
VMCOUNT VMCOUNT(vmbox[@context][|folder]) Counts the voicemail in a specified mailbox
67 custom functions installed.


Action Privilege Synopsis
------ --------- --------
AbsoluteTimeout call,all Set Absolute Timeout
ChangeMonitor call,all Change monitoring filename of a channel
Command command,all Execute Asterisk CLI Command
DBGet system,all Get DB Entry
DBPut system,all Put DB Entry
Events <none> Control Event Flow
ExtensionState call,all Check Extension Status
GetConfig config,all Retrieve configuration
Getvar call,all Gets a Channel Variable
Hangup call,all Hangup Channel
IAXnetstats <none> Show IAX Netstats
IAXpeers <none> List IAX Peers
ListCommands <none> List available manager commands
Logoff <none> Logoff Manager
MailboxCount call,all Check Mailbox Message Count
MailboxStatus call,all Check Mailbox
MeetmeMute call,all Mute a Meetme user
MeetmeUnmute call,all Unmute a Meetme user
Monitor call,all Monitor a channel
Originate call,all Originate Call
Park call,all Park a channel
ParkedCalls <none> List parked calls
PauseMonitor call,all Pause monitoring of a channel
Ping <none> Keepalive command
PlayDTMF call,all Play DTMF signal on a specific channel.
QueueAdd agent,all Add interface to queue.
QueuePause agent,all Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable
QueueRemove agent,all Remove interface from queue.
Queues <none> Queues
QueueStatus <none> Queue Status
Redirect call,all Redirect (transfer) a call
SetCDRUserField call,all Set the CDR UserField
Setvar call,all Set Channel Variable
SIPpeers system,all List SIP peers (text format)
SIPshowpeer system,all Show SIP peer (text format)
Status call,all Lists channel status
StopMonitor call,all Stop monitoring a channel
UnpauseMonitor call,all Unpause monitoring of a channel
UpdateConfig config,all Update basic configuration
UserEvent user,all Send an arbitrary event
WaitEvent <none> Wait for an event to occur
ZapDialOffhook <none> Dial over Zap channel while offhook
ZapDNDoff <none> Toggle Zap channel Do Not Disturb status OFF
ZapDNDon <none> Toggle Zap channel Do Not Disturb status ON
ZapHangup <none> Hangup Zap Channel
ZapRestart <none> Fully Restart zaptel channels (terminates calls)
ZapShowChannels <none> Show status zapata channels
ZapTransfer <none> Transfer Zap Channel

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