November 29, 2008

Mashup - IICosmo

I found another mashup name IICosmo. They use 300 degree video call SWAI (Super wide Angle Image) This view close humen's eyes.

"Super-view 300", the new feature-technology of 300 degrees super-wide angle image. Not only we can see large range of angle, the presence-feeling which is extremely near the actual sight can be experienced.

Move your face close to the screen then look at the center of the image with one eye. You will have the feeling of presence near the actual experience. Moving face close to the screen means the view angle approaches the actual view angle in the reality. Moreover, seeing with one eye means to exclude the binocular parallax that cause difference from flat image. Then, by focusing to the movement parallax, and activating the 3D comprehension of the information process on the sight system, it is possible to make an aspect of large screen effect. Then the excellent presence-feeling can be obtained.



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