January 29, 2008

visitor map service list

http://maps.amung.us/ อันนี้ลองใช้แล้ว ขอใช้ง่ายมาก
  • WDE - A Free Location Map for your web
  • GeoLogX Locative visitor log by Arclight - Maps the location of visitors to the website. The PHP source code is available under the LGPL open source licence.
  • MapStats - Blog statistics with visitors tracked onto Google Maps.
  • EvoStats - Stats with visitors tracked onto Google Maps
  • gVisit.com - Track visitors to your website using Google Maps.
  • GeoTool - Map the location of IP address or hostname.
  • guestMap source code guestMap is a PHP/MySQL script that utilizes Google's Map API and a MySQL database to allow visitors to your website to "mark" your website.
I use visitor map service from clustrmaps and whos.amung.us for http://patrickz.developer-labs.com/ website.

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