January 29, 2008

Try android sdk

I have download Android SDK almost a month (but never use it ^_^). Currently I have use it and I have not forget to capture screen shot samples for you :)

Main screen, It have 4 icons: application, contact, browser, map, dev tools.

I have capture some for browser and Map.


Android used webkit engine (Nokia use it as well)

try visit narisa website

sound like it have problem with Thai language...

But it have not serious problem, Sound like just change or modify some fonts. check Thai Enabled Emulator Image for Android

In fact, it is google map service. You can choose 2 mode: sattelite or traffic
I have locate to Thailand

then zoom, zoom, zoom and zoom

If you have choose 'traffic' mode. It will be below photo

That's all. I will going to office for now. For GUI, Document or other information, visit android please.


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