January 24, 2008

SIP Proxy

SIP Express Router
SIP Express Router (SER) is a high-performance, configurable, free SIP server licensed under the open-source GNU license . It can act as SIP (RFC 3261) registrar, proxy or redirect server.
OpenSER is a mature and flexible open source SIP server (RFC3261). It can be used on systems with limitted resources as well as on carrier grade servers, scaling to up to thousands call setups per second. It is written in pure C for Unix/Linux-like systems with architecture specific optimizations to offer high performances. It is customizable, being able to feature as fast load balancer; SIP server flavours: registrar, location server, proxy server, redirect server; gateway to SMS/XMPP; or advanced VoIP application server.
Tools for OpenSERT: CDRTool, WeSIP - The OpenSER converged Application Server
Another links
PrimiSIP v070531-aa78, a stateless SIP server in Perl
Performance Results for OpenSER and SIP Express Router
INRIA - SIP.edu deployment notes
Example of a VoIP deployment using opensource and commercial products (from endeavor-technologies.com)

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