August 11, 2007

Nong Tat try to use first open source software!

my son, Tat playing opensource software both on Windows and Linux Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn)


Pieces a cake! He can play with brush, gradient, pattern and drag & drop (impression!)

Education software for 2 - 10 years old, The software contains
- computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, different mouse gesture, ...
- algebra: table memory, enumeration, double entry table, mirror image, ...
- science: the canal lock, the water cycle, the submarine, electric simulation ...
- geography: place the country on the map
- games: chess, memory, connect 4, aware, sudoku ...
- reading: reading practice
- other: learn to tell time, puzzle of famous paintings, vector drawing, ...

Tux Paint

Aha! This software is quite fun! Nong Tat is very fun!
Tux Plaint is very easy, just choose brush, stamp, shape, color or pattern then use it.
Good sound effect! Very good one. Don’t miss it

The 3 software have both Windows and Linux versions and this software include in Edubuntu. It is Live-CD, easy to use just. Just boot it from cd-rom, choose game the play!

Ok! let's see my son and these software

Left: Tux Plain on Windows
Right: GIMP on Ubuntu

GIMP is cool. Tux Plain is fun. Tat is fun!

Tat’s mom plays Tux Plain! -_-‘

Ok, I love you!

hey girlz! wanna kiss me? hahah

Ubuntu official website
Ubuntu 7.04 มาแล้ว
รีวิว Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" Beta จาก Blognone

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