August 15, 2007

Asterisk: Slove Line always hang-up

open /usr/asterisk/zapata.conf then insert below lines


busydetect: If enabled, Asterisk will analyze the audio coming in on the line during a call or a dial attempt to attempt to recognize busy signals. This is useful on analog trunk interfaces both to detect a busy signal when dialing out, and for detecting when the person has hung up. See also Disconnect Supervision. Be sure that you don't use this on digital interfaces like QuadBri cards and so on. Otherwise you will run in "broken calls" problems. default=no

busycount: This option requires busydetect=yes. You can specify how many busy tones to wait before hanging up. The default is 3, but better results can be achieved if set to 6 or even 8. The higher the number, the more time is needed to detect a disconnected channel, but the lower the probability mistaking some other sound as being a busy tone.

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