July 12, 2005

Pure Performance Suite, Server load test!

The products in Minq Software's Pure Performance Suite are used to address the challenges brought by new technologies, providing IT departments with the flexibility to better manage their resources, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our Pure Performance Suite tests and monitors the performance of critical applications to help maintain optimal quality and minimize costly downtime.


PureTest is available free of charge and is targeted for functional testing. Supports graphical design of scenarios for testing of FTP, Mail, NNTP, JDBC, JNDI and of course HTTP applications. PureTest includes the HTTP Recorder and Web Crawler utilities which makes it really useful for generic verification of HTTP requests and web content checking. The command line based ScenarioRunner utility enables execution of scenarios for regression testing.

Scenario EditorWeb Crawler
HTTP Recorder


PureLoad is our load testing tool that simulates hundreds or thousands of users executing requests against server based applications. Use PureLoad during development and test phases to verify that your application will meet the expected quality and performance criterias. PureLoad reports quality and performance problems as well as detailed statistics gathered during a load test.

Scenario EditorTime Slot Graph
Summary GraphWeb Crawler
HTTP RecorderResult Comparer


PureAgent monitors the true performance and availability of a server from a user's perspective. Using the same scenario format as PureLoad, PureAgent continues the performance verification after deployment. Server failures and poor performance are detected and reported as alarms.


Pure Performance Suite

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