February 7, 2005

Python for Series 60

Oh yeah! Since Nokia open only corperate member to test/trial to use it.But now, they just release the Python for series 60. It pretty good for develop application demo :)

Python for Series 60 allows developers to execute Python commands and run Python scripts and applications in devices based on Series 60 Platform. In addition, developers can execute Python commands and scripts in the emulators of Series 60 Developer Platform SDK's. Development starts with an interactive console in a Series 60 compatible device where Python commands can be executed. Alternatively, a developer can write Python scripts, install them to a device executing scripts and applications from the Python Environment.

Python for Series 60 is capable of running applications that use native resources of Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS. It is well suited to the development of prototypes or for building proof of concept applications with a simple and consistent language. Python for Series 60 is an idea choice for starting to create application for devices based on Series 60 Platform.

Any Nokia series 60 or aboove should work. please visit the devicie support list : http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,,0155,00.html

So.. why not download a documentation (PDF) for Python for Series 60, including: "Getting Started with Python", "Programming with Python", and "API Reference for Python".

REF : Python for Series 60

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