February 7, 2005

J2ME Polish

the open source tool J2ME Polish, which revolutionizes the way J2ME applications are created. Some of its features are:

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Build Tools: J2ME Polish compiles, preverifies, obfuscates and packages your application. Preprocessing and JAD creation are also done. J2ME Polish also contains a device database, which can be extended easily.

Device Optimization: Create standard MIDP applications and let J2ME Polish do the optimization work for you - automatically.

CSS Design: Use the webstandard CSS for designing your J2ME application. Simple text files control the outer appearance of your application. Designers can work independently of the programmers. The design and all the content can be easiliy adjusted for specific devices or device groups.

Preprocessing: Create faster, leaner and device optimized applications with the power of J2ME Polish' preprocessing and the integrated device database. Check and use device specifications within your code without using hardcoded values!

Logging Framework: Use the J2ME Polish logging framework with logging levels, detailed information and have a look at the log even on the device. And best of all: when it is not needed, the logging will use no memory and no processing power at all!

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