September 2, 2004

What's up PHP 5.0

What’s up PHP 5!

PHP 5.0 has 3 major changes. OOP, MySQLi and XML

  • Object Oriented Model

    Highlight of PHP 5 is OOP. The OOP has included in PHP since PHP3, but it
    have many limitations and some bugs. But now PHP5 support:

    • public, private, protected access modifiers for members and methods

    • abstract classed and methods supported

    • interfaces classes supported

    • final keyword for members and methods supported

    • Explicit object cloning supported (use clone keyword or __clone())

    • new function for constructor and destructor (__construct() and __destructor())

    • constants variable in class supported

    • __autoload() will be automatically called when an undeclared class is
      to be instantiated

    • Overload method supported.

    • static members and methods supported

    • Class type hints supported

    • Iterators supported (foreach() function)

    • new “__METHOD__” constant for show the current class and method

    • new “__toString()” method to show the object as string

    • new instanceof operator for is-a relationship check (is_a() have been

    • Reflection API supported, this API will help you to reverse-engineer
      classes, methods, interfaces and functions very easy.

  • CGI and CLI

    • PHP 5.0 has 3 modes, but it has changes some file name and improve PHP-Win mode.

    • Php.exe is CLI (Command Line Interpreter) Mode, on PHP 4.x version is /cli/php.exe

    • php-cgi.exe or CGI Mode, on PHP 4.x this file is rename from /php.exe

    • Php-win.exe, last one is new mode which call “PHP-Win” mode. This mode
      is same CLI mode but it doesn't output anything.

    • New Functions

      PHP 5.0 has new many functions improve from PHP 4.3.5 such as Arrays, InterBase,
      iconv, Streams, etc… functions). More information, please check PHP Manual

    • New Directives

      PHP 5.0 have new 5 Directives (you can set it on php.ini file)

      • mail.force_extra_parameters: Force the addition of the specified parameters
        to sendmail binary. These parameters will replace value of 5th parameter
        in mail() function

      • register_long_arrays: This allow or disallow to register the long $HTTP_*_VARS.
        Default value is ON, but for performance reasons if you not using them I
        recommend to turn off.

      • session.hash_function: Choose hash function for generate session ID.
        You can change to 0 for MD5 (128 bits) and 1 for SHA-1(160 bits). Default
        value is 0

      • session.hash_bits_per_character: This directive define how many bits
        to generate Session ID

      • zend.ze1_compatibility_mode: Directive for Zend Engine 1 Compatible
        (PHP 4.2.x)

    • New Error Report

      • E_STRICT this is run-time PHP suggestions to help suggest method of
        coding, example: E_STRICT will warn you if you use deprecated functions.

      • Another new features

        • Exception supported. You can use try/throw/catch structured for exception

        • Static function variables supported.

        • Foreach() now supported references sign (&)

        • pass by-value and value to by-reference parameters are supported

        • All XML extensions (DOM, SAX, XSL, XSLT) are using libxml2 from

        • SimpleXML, function suited for read well-known XML file format

        • SOAP functions have been rewritten as a C extension

        • MySQLi (MySQL Improved) extension. This extension allow you access new
          features on MySQL 4.1 or above, such as prepared statements, variable binding,
          SSL and compressed connections, transaction control, replication support

        • SQLite embeddable database engine supported.

        • Tidy extension. This extension is utility to clean, repair or traverse
          the tree or HTML document.

        • Memory Management

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